Rules: Consumed Polyps

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As mentioned, when a polyp is devoured by another coral the consumed polyp tile is placed in front of the screen of the player who initiated the attack.

Each consumed polyp (is a valuable source of nutrient and) has the following uses:

  1. it can be played as a new polyp tile in addition to the polyp tiles held behind a player's screen (in actions 2 and 3). There is no limit to the number of consumed polyp tiles that can be played in this way.

  2. it can be exchanged for one larva cube of the same colour (action 6).

  3. it can be exchanged for one alga cylinder of any colour (action 7).

Hint: Remember it is possible to add polyps to corals belonging to other players. It is therefore possible to use another player's coral to attack another player's coral (or even your own coral). This is often a good way to obtain a consumed polyp tile.