Rules: Acknowledgements

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Originally published October 2004 by R&D Games.

Game design by Richard Breese.
Original artwork by Juliet Breese.

German translation by Barbara Dauenhauer.

Inspiration from 'The Blue Planet' by David Attenborough and the BBC.

Special thanks to Mark, Stuart and Jonathan Breese for their many playtesting sessions.

Thanks also to Peter Armstrong, Rüdiger Beyer, Tony Boydell, Barbara Dauenhauer, Bob Gingell, Tom Hegarty, Alan How, James McCarthy, Alan Paull, Charlie Paull, Mike Siggins and Graham Staplehurst.

Special thanks also to the boys from the Castle Lodge, to all my friends at Am Kiefernhain and to everyone else who has assisted in the development and play testing of Reef Encounter.