Rules: Scoring

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At the end of the game, score the contents of each player's parrotfish.

Each polyp tile consumed scores one point plus one point for each coral tile which shows that colour of coral duplicated at the top of the coral tile. Each polyp will therefore be worth from '1' to '5' points each.

Note that the sum of the value of the five individual types of coral in the first number column will always add up to 15. (10 because there are ten coral tiles plus 5 because they all have a starting value of 1).

If two or more players have the same score, then the positions are determined by comparing the following in order until one player is found to have more than the other(s):

  1. Number of consumed polyps still available in front of the player's screen.
  2. Number of unplayed larva cubes.
  3. Number of unplayed polyp tiles.
  4. Number of polyp tiles on the boards forming part of a coral protected by that player's shrimp.

In the unlikely event that players are still equal then the relevant positions are tied.

Example of scoring

Totals15 18 23 20 20

The number of tiles eaten by each parrotfish is shown in the parentheses.