Rules: End of the game

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The game ends immediately when one of the following events occur:

  1. When all the coral tiles are covered by alga cylinders.

  2. When all four of one player's shrimps are eaten by their parrotfish.

  3. If there is nowhere left to play a polyp tile (highly unlikely).

  4. If there are insufficient polyp tiles or there is no larva cube remaining to replace those taken by a player at the end of their turn (also highly unlikely).

If the game ends as a result of events 1 or 2 (which will nearly always be the case) all of the players except the player ending the game, may have one additional turn each. During this additional turn the only action a player can perform is to consume one existing shrimp-protected coral with their parrotfish. However on this occasion players must place five polyp tiles into the polyp tile bag instead of the usual four.

Note: Although the start player may appear to have an advantage as there is no requirement that all players have the same number of turns, this is compensated for by the other players starting the game with additional polyp tiles, which reduces the necessity for those players to have turns where they do nothing other than pick up polyp tiles in action 10.