Rules: Third Phase: In the Auction House

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The action cards chosen by all players in the auction house are revealed at the same time. They then take the actions in the following order:

  1. Check
  2. With a check you can buy one of the two collection cards in the shop window. This will expand your collection.

    When more than one check is played, the player who has played the largest check is the winner. He lays this check in the cash register, and takes one of the two collection cards. The remaining checks are returned to the players' hands.

  3. Thief
  4. With a thief you can take the check played in this round out of the cash register. This stolen check can then be played in a later round. If more than one thief is played, they scare each other off and the check stays in the cash register (no thieves get anything). Checks from previous rounds are not available.

    All played thief cards are then returned to their owners' hands. If no check has been played, the thief leaves with nothing.

The third phase will not happen if all collection cards have been bought or if no player plays a check.