Rules: Game Setup

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The Gameboard

This shows: the club as the starting area and the dinner table (pink squares representing seats at the table) as the goal; the castles (blank squares) the lords will pass through as they show off their collections; the auction house with the two shop windows and the cash register; and jail cells for thieves.

Action Cards

Each player starts the game with a complete set of 10 action cards in his/her hand:

  • two location cards: auction house and castle

  • eight cards: four checks (worth a total of 50,000 pounds), two thieves with different levels of ability, one detective, and an exhibition card.

Collection Cards

These cards show the objects from which the collections can be formed. They are in six different series (labelled "A" through "F"). Each card also indicates the year it was made. The older the object is the more valuable it is.

The collection cards are shuffled, and each player receives four of these cards at random to start. The remaining collection cards are placed in two piles, face-up, on the two shop windows of the auction house. Thus there will always be two cards from which to choose, unless one of the piles is used up.