Rules: Variants

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Hacienda has two variants that can alter its play. Each of these variants is available on The variants can be used together or seperately. Here is a brief explanation of each.

Variant 1
Market Change
When you bring a herd to Market use the following formula for pesos received: . Multiply the number of animals in the herd times the number of lands that the herd borders on.

First example: if the herd is two animals long and only one land tile is adjacent to the herd: 2x1=2 pesos.

Second example: If the herd is two animals long and the herd touches two land tiles: 2x2=4 pesos. (Note- this is from one animal touching two land tiles)

Third example: You already have a herd to a market and the herd (one animal) is touching three land tiles. You bring a second herd to market that links to the market and the first herd . and one animal is touching three land tiles. You now have 4 animals and are touching six land tiles so your income will be 4x6=24 pesos.

Cost Changes
The cost for 1 hacienda is raised to 20 pesos
The cost for 1 water is raised to 20 pesos

Point Changes
In addition to markets, land tiles, haciendas and water, there are now points for herds. . Every herd of three or more animals counts as many points as animals in the herd. Thus 3 animals is three points, 6 animals is 6 points, etc. 1 or 2 animal herds score no points. . Points for Pesos . 1 point for every 20 pesos. All remaining points remain as before.

Variant 2
If you would like to see where scores are during the game, you can score after every action. In this circumstance, there is no mid-game scoring and pesos score only at game end. You can use this for normal play or in conjunction with Variant 1.

In Variant 2, when you bring a herd to market you immediately score points equal to the to the number of markets you have connected. So if you already have 6 markets and you connect the seventh, you receive 7 points.

If a player forgets to move his point marker on his turn, you can catch the points up later by adding up all the players points again.