Rules: Scoring

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When the last card of the first animal card stack is purchased or turned face-up, the second stack which was set aside earlier is brought into play and placed next to the board in the place of the depleted stack. At the end of this round, once the last player has finished his actions, an intermediate scoring takes place.

When the second stack of animal cards is exhausted, the round is likewise played to the end and the game finishes with a final scoring round.

Scoring is carried out in exactly the same way whether it is an intermediate scoring round or the end of the game.

First points are awarded for the markets, then for the land chains, then Haziendas, for water tiles and finally for money on hand.

The more markets a player is connected to, the more points the player will score. It is unimportant how many herds are adjacent to the market, or how many sides of the market are occupied. Players score points according to the following table:

Markets   1 2 3 4   5  6  7  8  9 10 11  
Points    1 3 6 10 15 21 28 36 45 55 66

Example: A player whose herds connect to 7 different markets receives 28 points.

Points for land chains are determined for each player. All chains containing 3 or more land tiles are counted. Individual land tiles and doubles are not scored! The points are calculated according to the following formula: Number of land tiles times 2 points.

Example: A player possesses one 7-space chain and two 3-space chains. In addition he has a 2-space chain and 3 individual land tiles. The player scores 7 + 3 + 3 = 13 x 2 = 26 points. For the 2-space chain and the singles he does not receive any points.

Points for Haziendas. All land tiles in a chain, or all animal tiles in a herd, which has a Hazienda upon it are scored. Note: by connecting two of your own land chains it is possible that several Haziendas can stand on a single land chain; this chain scores only once. Example: A player possesses 2 Haziendas; one stands on a 7-space land chain, and the other one stands on a herd which consists of 6 sheep. The player receives 7 + 6 = 13 points.

Points for water tiles. Each water tile on the board is scored one at a time. For each land and/or animal tile which borders a water panel tile, the owner scores 1 point, whether the water tile was on the board at the start of the game or has been added later. It doesn't matter which player placed the water tile.

Suggestion - After a water tile has been scored for, turn it face-down. Then, when intermediate scoring is complete turn all of the water tiles face-up. This will ensure that no water tile is missed.

Money on hand. Each player counts their money. For every 10 pesos a player has, he receives 1 point. Example: a player holds 28 pesos. He receives 2 points for this.