Rules: Spring, Summer, and Autumn (cont.)

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e. Action resolution

The actions are executed following the order shown by the action cards on the board. The first action shown is executed by each player, in player order. When all players have completed an action, the action card is turned face down and the next face down action card is revealed. In this way, there will always be five face up action cards (until there are fewer than five actions remaining in the season).

If possible, each planned action (those for which a province has been selected) must be executed. But if a player does not have enough gold to pay for the action, or cannot perform the action for some other reason (e.g., insufficient armies in supply), the action is cancelled (as if the player had selected "none").

When all actions have been executed, a new season begins (note that player order remains as is until it is determined again in the next action season.

Most actions are executed automatically, and at the same time by all players. Player sequence is considered when moving armies and in case of revolt when getting gold and grain.