Rules: Spring, Summer, and Autumn

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The following phases are executed for each of the three action seasons, Spring, Summer, and Autumn:

a. Lay out action cards

The 10 action cards are shuffled. The five first are revealed face up, and the five remaining cards remain face down.

b. Action Planning

All players plan their actions for the season at the same time. They select a province for each action (or leave it as "none"). This action will be executed in the province selected. If "none" was selected, then this action will not be executed by the player this season.

A province may not be selected for more than one action.

A player may not select "none" for more than 5 actions, unless that player occupies fewer than 5 provinces (in which case all of the player's provinces must be selected, with the remaining actions being "none").

c. Player turn order

The player turn order is then determined at random -- this order will apply until the next season, when a new player turn order will be determined.

d. Current event

In Spring, one event is randomly chosen from those selected at the beginning of the year. The effect described by the text on this card will be applied to this season (the number is important only during Winter). In the summer an event is chosen from the three remaining events, and in Autumn, from the two remaining.