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Beauty is the nature of ma

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:13 am    Post subject: Beauty is the nature of ma Reply with quote

Beauty is the nature of mankind. However, the beauty of the appearance can not conceal the beauty or ugliness of the soul. No matter how high-quality cosmetics you use to dress yourself, if your heart is ugly, it is difficult to escape the beauty of "expulsion."e is such a thing, let me not forget, the weather was so cute, the white clouds jumped up and danced, and the sun hid in the clouds.after school, I walked home with a familiar path. The street is cold and cold, I look out from the sparse crowd, ah! I am coming home. Just then, I remembered the five dollars that my mother gave me. My mother had beaten me. If I was hungry, I went to buy some biscuits to eat. although my stomach is not particularly hungry, it is not so good. Although it is coming home, my mother is not there! I looked around and saw a baking pan appearing in my eyes. For me, it was like an oasis in the desert. I hungrily ran to the vanity, and for a long time, the heavy footsteps became brisk because of my desire.re coming to the biscuit car, the owner said to me with a smile: "Children, do you want to buy a biscuit?" I nodded quickly. I glanced at the list and wrote a piece of biscuit for one dollar. "How many pieces do you want?" "Give me two pieces of biscuits!" "Well!"ven't waited for me to come back, two hot biscuits have been held in my arms. I paid five yuan, and I ate and ate while eating, and regardless of the three seven twenty-one, the delicious biscuits were placed in front of me, and I had already thrown out the money and throw it into the clouds.ldren, children, your money has not been found yet!" The voice of the owner came from behind me Carton Of Cigarettes Newport. I suddenly realized that I ran back.dren, this is your 3 yuan." I took the money, and listened to the owner said: "Children, be careful!" I was moved by the owner of the tears Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes. This summer, my mother and I went to Dalian to visit my uncle. After spending a week at my uncle's house, I went to Tiger Beach with my mother. There are tall buildings, and there are several giant tiger statues in front of the door. It is magnificent and powerful Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. I heard that Tiger Beach is the name that these tigers only took. Entering the polar pavilion, people are crowded with people, and the blocked water is unreasonable. It may be too eye-catching here! We squeezed it for a long time before we squeezed in.rst thing that caught my eye was a great white whale, which had three bodies. It is four meters long and weighs more than 500 kilograms. It has a pair of small eyes and a small hole in the head. It sprays water every five or six minutes, like a big fountain. Going forward, I saw a group of people gathered around and clapping. I was curious to see what happened. I saw a white polar bear. It was very fat. I thought it must be stupid. I guess wrong, it is very flexible when jumping into the water, listening to the tour guide that it is still a fishing master. We have seen many animals, including penguins, dolphins, turtles, walruses, sea lions and dolphins Online Cigarettes Free Shipping. These animals look very special. I saw them for the first time. My favorite animal is a penguin. It is short and fat. I walked up and down, but in the water, it swims very fast. Fast, cute.the Polar Pavilion, we also watched the animal show. The hall was almost full of seats. The first one to appear in the warm applause was the seal Cartons Of Cigarettes Wholesale. He performed with a head and the ball was very humorous, jumping in the water and welcoming the audience. They applauded enthusiastically. The second appearance is the two little dolphins. Their project is a ferrule. Everyone is sweating for them. It��s too accurate. The trainers must have put a lot of effort into training them before they have today��s results. Later, they also calculated the addition and subtraction, saluting the audience, and turning the ball to three hundred and sixty degrees. Their performances made the audience sigh and laughed. In a round of applause, we walked out of the polar pavilion., we visited the Coral Hall, the Bird Language Forest, and the Sea Animal Museum. I really enjoyed my eyes. I have never seen or played before. I played it all over. I really can't bear to leave.am really happy today. When I return to my hometown, I must tell them that I have also been to Dalian Tiger Beach.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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