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Today, when we came home

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Joined: 07 Nov 18
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:34 pm    Post subject: Today, when we came home Reply with quote

During the May 1st holiday, we went to Xichang Bohai to play. The beautiful scenery and unique foods left me a deep impression. However Cheap Cigarette Cartons, one thing that happened during the trip made me unforgettable.ith excitement and excitement, our eight people arrived at Xichang Railway Station by train. As soon as we left the station, we called two taxis. After putting the luggage in the trunk, the two mothers took me and the classmates to one of them. Then everyone went to the first destination happily. - The famous "Li rice noodles". After arriving at the snack bar, we sat down and were preparing to enjoy this delicious breakfast. At this time, I suddenly found that there was something missing on my hand. At the same time, my classmate��s mother suddenly exclaimed: ��Our luggage is still there. In the trunk of the taxi!". If I compare my previous mood to a sunny day, then the aunt��s words are like a haze of lightning. In a hurry, we rushed out of the rice noodle shop and ran to the street, but the taxi had already left. , disappeared.At this time Wholesale Newports, I am already stupid! There are our luggage on the car, no more, how to travel! Since I didn��t ask for an invoice and didn��t write down the license plate number, how can I get it back! ? We are somewhat desperate about this.Everyone discussed it and decided to go to the taxi by the two fathers and mothers. The children followed the grandmother to the hotel to rest. In the Bohai Hotel, our three children have no intention to play, despite the blue sky and white clouds outside, beautiful scenery, and a few beautiful peacocks leisurely "walking" in the garden, but our mood is extremely depressed, we must know In the suitcase Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale, in addition to the daily necessities such as cameras, glasses, clothes, etc., as well as our homework and books, these losses can not be made up! Thinking about it, a classmate still shed tears of sadness.In the afternoon Cigarettes Types, the parents came back, but they were lost, their hands were empty, and our last hope was shattered! Mother said: "We went to the local police station to report the case, left the phone, asked the police to help, and then watched the electronic surveillance camera, but still no results. Then went to the train station and described the model and driver appearance to the duty officer. But there is still no clue, leaving only the contact number. There may be no hope."he next day, we bought some necessities of life, or played it for two days. The night view of the Bohai Sea is particularly beautiful; the Xichang Wetland Park is full of reeds and tranquility; the moon beach and the sun shining on the people, barefoot on the "sea water" to fish, is really cozy! This kind of beauty has gradually calmed our upset mood. But when returning, there seems to be a little regret that can't be erased.On the second day after returning to Chengdu Cheap Cigarette, my mother received a phone call. The phone said, "Hello, I am the driver of Xichang taxi. You have forgotten your luggage. I just rested for two days, etc. When I opened the trunk today, I found that some passengers lost their luggage. I went to the train station to find out your call. So, I asked a friend to take the baggage to the Chengdu Railway Station. You then took them back to the train station. "After the surprise, my mother thanked me again! And after a few days, I successfully retrieved my luggage.
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Joined: 06 Dec 18
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

BBcode is not allowed until you have sdmade 10 posts
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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