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Bus - a quick overview

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:54 am    Post subject: Bus - a quick overview Reply with quote

Originally posted as part of multi-game tournament. Reposted in Bus section


After the initial placement (Ill come back to that) you get 20 and only 20! action stones which can be used to select the various actions. Some of the actions are limited, only 1 new bus, clock and start player space. You must play at least two actions before passing. After everyone has passed the actions are resolved in left to right order across the tables (ie Line expansion first)

Line expansion, New Passenger and New Buildings are limited to the maximum number of buses owned by a player (ie with 3 buses owned by the player with the most only 3 spaces on these actions will be playable) Only the first player to choose the action gets the maximum number of items each subsequent stone played gets one less. So again with 3 buses, the first person to select line expansion gets 3 lines, the second 2 and third 1. Warning fourth gets none (A common newbie mistake)

Line expansion is played in the reverse order to the stones being placed, last valid placement goes first with 1 line, though to first placement with max number of buses. There is one difference for the 5 player game on this action only. The number of lines placed is increased by one of each position. This action comes before buying the bus so remember that the bus purchase in the round will not count for the maximum. Each line can only placed at either end of your existing line. It is further complicated in that it can not normally be placed alongside another line. The exception is if the end of your line meets the end of another line you may place alongside that other line, resulting in 2 or more lines running parallel.

Buy a bus, only one person can choose this but as you need buses to score it is vital to earning points.

Placing passengers, these arrive at one of the two station spaces, players choice. This is actioned in the order played, first person to choose goes first with the maximum through to the 1 passenger only space. This comes after buying the bus so the maximum may now be higher.

New Buildings is player in reverse order, the first player choosing getting the new maximum but playing last. The letters on the board indicate the available building spaces, As have to be built on first the Bs, Cs and the Ds. (ie a C spot can not be built on while any B space remain available)

Time clock adds a bit of a twist. Only one player can select this. If no one selects this action then at this stage time moves on through the cycle (Home, office, pub). This indicates where passengers want to be and therefore where you need to take them. If this action is choosen the player may stop time on the current stage in the cycle (eg if on Pub it stays there). If time is stopped this counts as -1 point to that player at the end of the game. There is a limit of 5 Clock stones that can be played during the whole game. One the fifth clock action is played the game ends immediately.

VROOOMM is the only way to score points and is what all the other actions have been leading up to. This is not limited by the number of buses but is resolved in the order this action was selected. First player to chose goes first. As I said the clock indicates where passengers want to be. You have a number of buses which may carry one passenger each. Each building can hold one passenger only. Passengers at junctions with more than one type of building will occupy the wanted one if available, stopping you use that building. You can only deliver passengers to empty buildings indicated by the clock. In order to deliver the passenger there must be an unhappy passenger on your line, one not in the correct building. As each player moves passengers buildings will become occupied making less opportunity to score for subsequent players. Also there will be less unhappy passengers as they get delivered.

Starting player does not grant any actions but means you go first in the next round, of vital importance early on to get extra buses and helpful later in the game by being able to select VROOOMM first.

Any of the multi-space actions can be selected more than once within the described limits.

You only have 20 stones and must play at least two per round, making maximum of 10 rounds. You can play more but could end up out of actions while everyone else carries on playing and scoring! The game ends (if not by the distortion of time) at the end of a round when only one player has any action stones left.

Now the initial placement, before the game starts for real each player in turn places two buildings on any of the indicated locations (A). Then each player in order places one line, the second line is then placed in reverse player order. The first line can be placed anywhere, even alongside another players line. The second line must follow normal placement rules, must join, go on free space unless you meet head to head another line.

Hope this helps those of you have not yet tried this very enjoyable game
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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