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In the middle of the

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:57 pm    Post subject: In the middle of the Reply with quote

In the middle of the long street, there are two halls. Above the hall is a sign hanging on the wind, with the words "small shop" written on it. There are colorful goods piled up in the hall Marlboro Lights Cigarettes. There are several black scorpions on the corners of the goods. Each jar is labeled with ��Old Burning 58 Degrees��, ��Daughter Red 42 Degrees�� and ��Liangshan Daqu 46��. The first thing that the owner did in front of opening the store was to yawn, Tara shoes, carrying a wooden strip with a horizontal plate at one end Cigarettes Online Store. In the jar, stir it up and down a few times before opening the door. This is because the wine in the jar is separated by one night, and the alcohol floats on the surface. Only when it is stirred up and down several times, the alcohol will be evenly distributed. The women in the village gather in front of the jar, some hold the jars, some hold the bottles. Use dried melon or corn to exchange wine and drink alcohol to let your man enjoy it Marlboro Cigarettes Sale. A pot of old wine, so that the rough man's life has a moisturizing, cold expression began to smile, and his wife began to hang. Although women are distressed, they don��t have much food, but they can be happy with their own men Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping. Men are happy and work hard, so women are willing to give men a drink of the rain in the early summer. It��s not too big, it��s tight. Slow. The earth that the rain has penetrated, like fermented fluffy dough, is a muddy step. The old girl had slept from 7 o'clock last night until 8 o'clock in the morning Newport 100S Cigarettes, opened her eyes, and looked sideways through the window. The sky was gray and the rain was still falling. Looking back at my own woman, sitting in front of the living room, rolling up the trousers, holding a handful of hemp, one hand on the numb line on his leg, the smashed twine and then roll it into a roll, used to feel the old hoe on the soles Head, a little dizzy. He immediately got up and washed his face. Slowly pick up a small tin pot from the strip and pour some wine from a bottle. The old girl has his own principles. He doesn't drink much every morning, but he also drinks a lot. The wine is poured to the opening of the tin pot. When it is more, it will be poured back. If you add less, add a little, and you will not be able to pick up the crops. Then, from the corner of the hall, take out two shells that have been knocked out of the stilts and place them on the ground. Hold the tin pot in hand and warm the wine on the jumping flame. After a while, the taste of shochu and sorghum is mixed in the room. The woman sees the old steamed bun, does not scream, silently puts down the work in her hand, hurries into the kitchen, and a spoon touches the wok. The sound of metal, as well as the sound of soy sauce boiling in the hot pot, makes the old girl very satisfied, but he can wait for his wife to stir up the dishes before drinking, blinking the smell of the wine in the tin pot. Can not help but peel a few peanuts, just pick a pickle, or eat a few mouthfuls of green onions, sip a sip of wine, do not hurry to swallow, fascinated with the eyes to let the wine turn in the mouth, the heart of the wine mellow Only swallowed. The scent of drinking, the hustle and bustle of the rain outside, the spice of the pepper eggs in the kitchen, filled in the small farmhouse, the old girl feels the god of this day. Start to smash up. Counting down women will not live, the crops in the field should be scribbled and so on. There is no rule in drinking and talking incoherently. The woman used to slam a few words. He sipped a big swig of wine and began to vomit dirty words and chatter. The woman ran into the kitchen with interest and pulled the bellows to start cooking. The screams from the hall gave these lively and lovely rains to the winter, and the fields were idle. The old farmers who had been busy for a year were lonely and bored at night. At best, the door is left to the left, the left side is free to go, the north of the door is windy, and the corn co
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