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Nicotine Salt and Black note NICOTINE SALTS

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 2:07 am    Post subject: Nicotine Salt and Black note NICOTINE SALTS Reply with quote

Ever since the release of the JUUL, nicotine salt e-liquids have been becoming increasingly common in the vaping industry. The idea is pretty simple. If you can get nicotine to the vaper more effectively, youll be able to convert smokers who arent satisfied with the usual options. But as with everything related to Juul, there is a lot of controversy about nicotine salt e-juices, and really understanding what they are can be more difficult than you might think.

So why would you want to use nicotine salt e-liquids? Why are they controversial? And why DOESNT Black Note use them in our e-liquids?

Heres what you need to know.


The nicotine actually comes in a couple of different forms. Ordinary e-liquid contains whats called freebase nicotine. This is the type of nicotine thats absorbed by your body and therefore the most direct way to produce a nicotine e-liquid: you dont need to do anything else, just add the juice to the liquid and it will work as intended. This is the type of nicotine they use for patches and gums, too, for the same reason its the most common choice for e-juice. However, in the tobacco plant, nicotine comes in salt form.

In the most basic terms, nicotine salt is the pure freebase nicotine bonded with an organic molecule specifically, an acid. Since nicotine is a base, you might remember from high school chemistry that the result of mixing it with an acid is a salt (and water). This is a stable form of the molecule, and thats why its found like this in tobacco plants.

The challenge for e-liquid manufacturers was producing this in a form that could actually be vaped. When they tried acetic acid (essentially vinegar), it produced an awful taste (unsurprisingly, like vinegar) you could never vape. Plus, in other forms getting it to convert back into freebase nicotine during the vaping process was a major challenge. But eventually the scientists at Pax Labs found that benzoic acid was the key ingredient, both enabling the nicotine salts to be vaporized and offering a smooth, pleasant vaping experience.


The main goal of nicotine salt e-liquids is to be a closer fit to how cigarettes deliver nicotine. JUULs initial testing showed that the salt e-juice produces more of a cigarette-like spike in the level of nicotine in your blood after the same time spent puffing. Ordinary e-liquids, in comparison, dont produce this sharp spike, so it usually takes longer to get the same amount of nicotine by vaping. This depends on device, but its never quite at the same level as smoking a cigarette.

Nicotine salts do a better job in this department, mimicking the cigarette-like spike in nicotine you get from smoking a cigarette, mainly due to higher nicotine strength. Higher nicotine strengths are more tolerable in salt formulations because its the alkalinity of freebase nicotine that produces a lot of the throat hit. If you have too much of a throat hit, it can get very unpleasant to vape. If youve ever tried a high-strength (e.g. 36 mg/ml) ordinary e-liquid you will be able to attest to how harsh it gets on your throat. But the acid in nicotine salt juices neutralizes this, lowering the pH, and makes it much smoother to vape.

The other benefits ultimately stem from this. With stronger liquid, you dont need to vape as much to get a satisfying amount of nicotine, and as a result you dont really need huge, 100-plus watt devices either. Its no coincidence that pod devices became more popular alongside the rise in nicotine salt e-liquids. You need fewer puffs, less battery power and less e-juice.


There are also concerns about nicotine salt e-liquids from some groups and health officials. Most of the complaints surround the strength of nicotine salt e-liquids. Specifically, how their increased effectiveness for getting nicotine to users increases the risk of dependence. Simply put, because nicotine salt e-liquids have more of a cigarette-like spike in nicotine, they might be more addictive. The fact that ordinary e-liquids produce a less pronounced spike in blood nicotine levels means youd expect them to be less addictive than cigarettes. The same cant necessarily be said for nicotine salt juices.

The Cardno report covering nicotine salt e-liquid summarizes these concerns:

Due to the lower pH, nicotine salt e-liquids release an aerosol that is less harsh and unpleasant tasting than those with freebase nicotine (NASEM 2018). This allows users to inhale more deeply, resulting in a higher nicotine absorption in the lungs (OConnell et al., 2019; Voos et al., 2019a). In addition, nicotine salt e-liquids typically have a higher nicotine concentrations ranging from approximately 21.8 to 68.6 mg/mL, with the most popular brand containing between 56.2 and 68.6 mg/mL of nicotine (Goniewicz et al., 2018a; Talih et al., 2019). As nicotine salt e-liquids are a newer product, there is limited research available regarding the use of these products.

On top of this, the addition of benzoic acid into e-liquid to make the nicotine salts work could also present issues. Like many of the artificial flavorings used in e-liquids (which are never used in Black Notes juices), the potential for long-term risks from inhaling benzoic acid cant really be ruled out. There isnt much research on this, though, so its difficult to speculate and ultimately there is no justification for this concern other than generic caution about adding another chemical into the mix.


At Black Note, we dont use nicotine salts in our e-liquid. From the outset, our goal was to help smokers quit, not to become part of a new problem by encouraging people to consume more nicotine. In an ideal world, no-one would smoke or vape. We dont live in an ideal world, but we want to part of the move towards one. We believe vaping can be part of the journey, but dont want it to become the new normal.

Nicotine salts have a complicated relationship with that goal. While for some smokers who are unable to switch with standard juices, nicotine salts provide the extra kick they need to transition to vaping, there is also more of a risk of maintaining, worsening or even creating addiction through the use of stronger nicotine juices. We want smokers to quit, not to lead new people to start or to encourage a continuing addiction to nicotine. So getting behind nicotine salts as a solution doesnt match up to our goals.

In addition, our naturally-extracted tobacco e-juice has always been free from artificial flavorings, and for good reason. When youre inhaling something, everything you put in there should be absolutely needed. Extracting the taste of our e-juice directly from real tobacco leaves means we dont need to add sweeteners or flavorings to make e-liquid that smokers love. In line with this, adding benzoic acid into the mix seems like an unnecessary source of risk.


Thats why there are no Black Note nicotine salt e-liquids. We are proud of our line-up of juices. Combined with a vape pen or standard-style mod, they provide a satisfying vape with realistic tobacco flavor. This is perfect for smokers who want to switch to vaping. We arent in the business of making you more dependent on nicotine, were in the business of helping you regain control and eventually stop using nicotine altogether, while reducing risks as much as possible.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I used to love nicotine salts very much, but recently decided to refuse from nicotine once and for all. Instead, I am all into vaping dry herbs (lavender, rosemary and even medical weed), everything is possible with a good GV Lit (portable dry herb vaporizer).
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good afternoon everyone! Honestly, I don't know anything about this. But I take CBD oil and I really like the effect of this product on my body. Therefore, I suggest you read these best CBD oil reviews, and then decide on the choice of the brand. This is really very important. You don't have to stumble upon a fake and lose your money!
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 5:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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